Joshua was asked by charitable visionary and co-founder Barry Stamos to write a song on behalf of, one of the fastest growing online charitable communities.

Honored by the request, Joshua wrote "The Gift", a tale-telling inspirational anthem showing how turning a simple “thank you” into someone else’s gift can be the ultimate act of kindness and may even change a person’s life.  “The Gift” is now the official theme song for

To celebrate the new year in 2008, offered a holiday e-card as the first installment of its global launch in 2009.  “The Gift” was featured as the primary song in the form of a Virtual-CD (technology by BlueMaze) which also includes a video making contest for "The Gift" sponsored by, a sign-able e-card sponsored by, and a video of the DailyMiracles vision. supports the simplest forms of kindness through the giving of time, resources, skills, or anything of abundance with no money exchange and without religious, government, corporate, or financial influence.  It might be a small gift, but it could mean the world to someone.http://www.dailymiracles.orghttp://www.dailymiracles.orghttp://www.dailymiracles.orghttp://www.dailymiracles.orgshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3

“The Gift”

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Read about the special significance behind the song “The Gift” to understand why this promo is your special “gift” and why it has meaning.
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Story Behind “The Gift”